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1/6/07-                       YOY YOY YOY YOY YOY







































































































































































































                      Force it



























If Only the word profound had "titty" in it.  I say we make a law & force it on people.




















                             Put the lead back in gasoline








09/15/06-   NO -- Fuck that  ...Too many notes IS better 



9/25/06 -@*#%

9/15/06- May your next cylo venture be a sure- shot de-stencher


9/8/06- Hey Look Everybody,  Mr. Harper's a tread!!!
9/4/06- Chuck and Sue ---somebody grab a hose
9/1/06- Angrewscugen or matriblix......you decide
8/31/06- OK.. lets see...yeah...  let's go ahead and get all mental about "The Spruce Goose"


8/29/06- Don't be part of the Johnny Skilsaw street team  (Click here)
8/26/06- The 2 Prong Slay
8/25/06- Wouldn't it be cool if Chuck Schumer suddenly became possessed by the devil & started chasing tourists around midtown?
8/24/06-  Let's get some ponderosa shit a-happnin
8/23/06-  Gravel -- let's punt
8/22/06 - Let's start a wallpaper jungle
8/21/06 - Why the fuck isn't Keith Hernandez the president yet?