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  LOS ANGELES (AP) - L. A. Lakers center Andre Plukentoff had 18 points and 12 rebounds in the middle of the fourth quarter in Tuesday's NBA Finals Game 4 at The Staples Centre here.

Then he snapped.

Chanting in a dialect witnesses said was South Sudanese,  Plukentoff ran into the stands and ordered a soda at the West concession.

He ran out of the Southwest exit and has not been seen since. Authorities are baffled. Harvey Erhardt, of Central Security, wondered, "How can a 7 foot Serbian national dressed in a bright yellow basketball uniform just disappear into thin air?"

   Ysingo plevie elibon sento vilaz  
  Lakers Star Found in Desert

BARSTOW, CA (Reuters) --- Los Angeles Lakers star center
Andre Plukentoff
was found early Tuesday morning in the harsh desert outside of Barstow,
California, face planted up to his waist into the sand. It was not
immediately clear if
Plukentoff was dead before he was buried.

No suspects have been identified.
Plukentoff  inexplicably left the Staples
Center midway through the fourth quarter of Sunday's NBA Finals Game 4

Plukentoff's  Feet Have Transmitters, Authorities Report

BARSTOW, CALIF. (Los Angeles Times) ---

Adding to the bizarre nature of this already strange story, local
detectives and FBI officials reported that the body of Lakers' star center
Andre Plukentoff had been surgically outfitted with small transmitting

"Mr.  Plukentoff had three transmitters implanted in his feet, two in the sole
of his left foot and one in the sole of his right," Barstow Chief of Police
and Forensics Eddie Holland reported on Wednesday evening. "We do not, at
this time, have any idea what these transmitting devices are or why they
were in his feet".  The devices were discovered upon examination of Mr. Plukentoff's  body which was found buried headfirst into the desert sand, two
days after he left the NBA Finals game on Sunday."

Chief Holland did not take questions after his statement.

The Finals, which are tied 2 games apiece between Los Angeles and the New
York Knicks, have been suspended while the investigation continues

Len havangostra asa "BUSH ALINGIE W/ FRATATCOMB ALIENAS TRASMITYOS" adi vecatteyo on thems backo poorasicon


One Device a Locator in  Plukentoff  Saga

BARSTOW, Calif.  (AP) --- FBI investigators have determined that two of the
devices implanted into the soles of
Andre Plukentoff's feet were indeed
transmitters but that one was also a receiving device and likely a sort of

"I guess you'd call it GPS, but this isn't operating on any of the GPS
frequencies we know of," reported FBI Agent Dino Vertissa.

Authorities are also challenged by a growing encampment of "UFO freaks,
sports fans and other crazies" who are now descending upon Barstow General
Hospital, according to Barstow Police Chief Eddie Holland.


Filicie co seta cruse pano de crang esli com en xlementa. Menko le fiet de Plukentoff. Dingobha Transmitaproke



Maryland Surgeon Leaves Bypass Operation

BALTIMORE (AP) --- In a case strikingly similar to the Andre Plukentof
situation, Johns Hopkins University Hospital reported that Dr. Melvin
Hissam, chief of cardiology, abandoned a quintuple bypass operation about
midway through and left the operation room.  A nurse said Dr. Hissam went
to a vending machine in the hospital's commissary and bought "one of those
peanut butter cheese cracker sandwich things," but left the 25 cents of
change in the machine and walked out of the hospital at about 10:30 am on

No further information was readily available.

               Menko le fiet de Plukentoff

Missing Maryland Doctor's Body Found at Construction Site

BALTIMORE (CNN) --- Missing Johns Hopkins University Hospital Cardiologist
Melvin Hissam's body was found buried in freshly poured concrete on Monday
afternoon, just days after he abandoned a quintuple bypass operation and
left the Hopkins Medical Center.  There is no confirmation yet on the
report that Hissam was buried head first in the cement with his legs in the
air.  If so, this obviously would either be a continuation, or a copycat,
of the "Lost Laker" case last week.  That case continues to puzzle
authorities and has been complicated by the discovery of transmitters
implanted in Andre Plukentoff's feet.


News Analysis:  Plukentoff and Hissam Cases Strikingly Similar and
Similarly Unsettling

BALTIMORE (Baltimore Tribune-Star) ---

What is going on?

Amidst all of the questions, theories and macabre ideas surrounding the
deaths of Andre Plukentoff and Melvin Hissam, that single question lies

This much is documented fact:

Both men were practicing their crafts and were at the pinnacles of their
businesses:  Plukentoff as an elite NBA star in the championships, and
Hissam performing a quintuple heart bypass operation, an operation he and a
handful of other surgeons were the recognized experts in performing.

Both were successfully carrying out their jobs when they both inexplicably
abandoned the tasks.

First, both immediately went for a snack of some sort:  Plukentoff ordered
a soda at the Staples Centre concession stand, Hissam bought a peanut
butter cracker at a hospital vending machine.

Both then left their respective premises and seemed to disappear. There
were no known sightings of either until their bodies were found.

Both of their bodies were found buried headfirst to their waists:
Plukentoff in the arid desert waste lands outside of Barstow, Hissam in
poured concrete at a construction site in Baltimore's
Fells Point district.

Both had three electronic devices implanted in their feet when they were
found. Two of each of these sets were similar, and are believed to be
transmitters of some sort. Investigators, which now include the FBI and
CIA, have thus far been unable to identify exactly what any transmissions
contained nor to whom they may have been made.  Obviously, there is no
current theory on how those transmitters got there in the first place nor
on whether the transmitters were there before the deaths of the two men.
Autopsy results, which should help with this last issue, are due to be
publicized tomorrow after several postponements.

Authorities are also baffled as to the nature of the third device planted
in each man's foot.  Originally thought to be a GPS like receiver,
investigators now are avoiding detailed descriptions of this device.

That's about all that we know for sure so far.

Now, what do we know to be false, or bad rumor?

The NY Post reported that both men were Mormon. That is untrue in both

The North Dakota rancher who showed up at a local police station with crude
semicoductors sewn into the soles of his feet was a prankster.

The report of increased incidences of UFO sightings in recent days is true,
but experts say that these levels are well within historical ranges.

So, we are back to "What is going on?"

  Seslach, enlodge ucanna Andre Plukentoff estrala losarano estranga
  Kazabo deilat en bre cellion Dr. Hissam antra Phil Donahue  
Plukentoff Autopsy Shows Devices Implanted Before Death

TEMPE, AZ (Arizona Homesteader) --- In a news conference hastily set up
after days of postponements, Arizona State Medical Examiners reported that
the electronic devices found in Andre Plukentoff's feet were implanted "at
least four or five months" prior to the disappearance of the Lakers' star
center last week.

Chief of Forensics Lanier Stuart discussed the findings with reporters at
ASU Cedars Hospital this morning.

"These transmitters, all three of them, were surgically inserted into Mr.
Plukentoff's body no more recently than last December," said Dr. Stuart.
Several reporters asked if a more definite date could be estimated.
"Unfortunately, uh, no, we can't know that," Stuart replied. "The wound had
completely healed, and it could have healed that way six years ago or six
months ago. Had the implanting happened more recently than that, we'd know

In the 30 minute news conference here which had earmarks of a frenzied
presidential news conference with reporters shouting questions in the hopes
of drowning out their colleagues, Dr. Stuart also disclosed:

The devices were completely "submerged" in the soles of Mr. Plukentoff's
feet. "A microscopically fine wire ran from the devices to just under the
calluses on the pads of his feet."

Reporters also questioned whether Lakers doctors had any indication of this
apparent surgery or of any unusual behavior on behalf of their star center
in the weeks and months leading up to his bizarre departure from Game 4 of
the NBA Finals last Tuesday.

"No, no...they have no more knowledge of this than we do," shared Stuart.
Lakers team physician Andrew Capranica participated in the autopsy and in
the news conference.

"This has us stumped. Flat out stumped," said Dr. Capranica.

Dr. Capranica offered that despite the team's constant travel during the
recent playoffs, there had been no reported difficulties at airport metal
detectors for Mr. Plukentoff.

In the closely related story in Baltimore, doctors were reportedly ready to
begin their examination of Dr. Melvin Hissam's body on Tuesday afternoon.
Speculation continues to run rampant, especially in the tabloid press,
about the connections and similarities between the two bizarre events.
Mechesiton di ged urodon Gaza medafrank depopulon  
Herpockro selilous campaphuletta don crepotta en frenga me Plekentoff  
"It's Aliens!"

Boca Raton, FL (The Real Star) ---  UFO booster Colin Faye knows what it
is, "even if the authorities don't admit it."

"It's aliens. They have hundreds of electronically controlled servants
living among us. They abduct people, implant these controls, and then use
them for their nefarious missions."

Mr. Faye brushed off suggestions that neither of the two "victims" had
displayed "nefarious" intent. "That's how they operate. If you knew they
were evil, they'd get caught.  When they're done with 'em, they throw 'em
out. That's what's happening now."

When asked why the aliens would leave the devices implanted for medical
examiners to find, Mr. Faye was more circumspect. "They know its
untraceable. They're laughing at us."

Herpockro ensulada hurbacko es ple US governmingas. Dulla ouit eka vum secrato
Tensions Rise Over 'Foot Soldiers'

NEW YORK (Daily Banner) ---  The mysterious and macabre deaths of Lakers'
star Andre Plukentoff and Baltimore Cardiologist Melvin Hissam have so far
yielded far more questions than answers.  As is often the case in
situations like this, hype and rumor fill the public void where fact is

In lower Manhattan yesterday, violence erupted as a group of youths chased
down and assaulted one of their peers whom they suspected.  17 year old
Michael Anthony was walking near his High School on Grand Street when
a group of classmates reportedly accosted him and asked him to take his
shoes off.

"Ain't nobody gets my rides, yo," Anthony told reporters, as he initially
thought that his classmates wanted his Air Jordans.  When Anthony resisted,
the group grabbed him and tried to take off the shoes themselves.

"They's all freakin' and s--- an' kickin' and roughin' the s--- outta me,
calling me s--- like freak and all.  They jes' buggin'... I may zombie out
from time to time, you know what I'm sayin'...gots to have my relaxation
and s---, but I ain't no godd--- alien!"

Anthony he may indeed have been  "zombie-ing" out when his friends
approached.  "They seen me all wide-eyed and thinkin' like that and are
like, 'lookadat mothaf-----, those aliens got them chips in his sorry a--
feet' and so they come  after me."

Anthony was treated for minor cuts and bruises at St. Vincent's Hospital  and



Herpocwug  edenspranko Micheal Anthony eslankas "I may zombie out from time to time, you know what I'm sayin'...gots to have my relaxation and s---, but I ain't no godd--- alien. I am in cahoots with the mother f---ing kapranica & that's it-yo"


Separated by a Continent, "Transmitters" Disappear;
Latest Bizarre Twist in "Foot Soldiers" Cases

WASHINGTON, DC (CNN)  ---  Federal investigators called a news conference this afternoon and added to the mystery and intrigue around the "Foot Soldiers" cases -  the deaths of Los Angeles Lakers center Andre Plukentoff and Johns Hopkins Chief of Cardiology Melvin Hissam.  Both men inexplicably walked off of their jobs and turned up dead and buried face first up to their waists.  Further, both men were identically found to have three
devices implanted in the soles of their feet --- transmitters and
potentially receivers, though it is not yet clear exactly to whom or from whom any transmissions were to be made.

And now, we may never know. Both sets of devices have disappeared. At Arizona State University Cedars Hospital in Tempe, Arizona, the site of the
 Plukentoff autopsy, scientists returned on Tuesday morning to continue research on the devices only to find them missing from the storage cell next to the lab where the work was being performed.  "The devices were stored per procedure by the investigative team on Monday evening," stated ASU Cedars Security Chief Alphonse Joffrey, "they were somehow removed from the cell before the team returned for work Tuesday".

Almost immediately, researchers in Baltimore's Johns Hopkins University
Hospital checked the laboratory where they were keeping the devices found in Dr. Hissam's feet -- and found that they were missing as well.  Johns Hopkins Chief of Staff Harley Stutts: "We had them Tuesday morning.  When we heard about what happened in Tempe, we checked ours.  They were not there." The Baltimore team possessed the transmitters as late as 9:45 am Tuesday, Baltimore time (6:45 am Tuesday, Tempe time).  As far as the Arizona group can determine, the transmitters disappeared between 9:00 pm Monday and 8:00

am Tuesday Tempe time.  The Baltimore time in question is shorter, from 9:45 am to 11 am.  Both hospitals are reasonably heavily secured, but no unusual activity at either site has been reported during the times in question.  There are cameras in the halls in both hospitals and at both hospitals' entrances, and officials are now poring over hours of tape looking for abnormalities or unusual activity

"It's a crushing blow to the investigation,"  FBI Section Chief Darwin
Zupetz reported, "and now we are opening another investigation so that we can continue with the first.

Hurbacko es ple John Hopkins Dulla ouit miseque Transmitaproke


  & then there's this guy  

Authorities Dispute Report of Third "Foot Soldier"

Tallahassee, Florida (Sunshine Mail) ---  Federal and local officials
argued with uncharacteristic openness as an apparent third death in the
so-called "Foot Soldier" cases was reported by Fox News.  While local
police seem certain that the death of a Pensacola florist "showed all of
the signs" of the other two killings, federal authorities in Washington and
state officials here quickly voiced suspicion over the matter.

Fox reported earlier today that Pensacola police chief Joseph Magliacci had contacted the news agency with information that florist Alvinia Jacobs'
body had been found buried head first in the coastal salt water marshes
south of the city, her feet extended into the air in the widely reported
manner of the first two "Foot Soldier" victims, L.A. Lakers center Andre
Plukentoff and Baltimore cardiologist Melvin Hissam.  Police Chief
Magliacci also was said to report that the soles of Ms. Jacobs' feet had
been badly wounded. "They were gouged out.  If she had transmitters in her feet, somebody or something took them.  If she didn't, then some psychopath wanted us to think she did."

FBI section chief,  Chief Darwin Zupetz was clearly unhappy with Chief Magliacci's account and sought to discredit it pending further investigation.

"I regret that the local authorities have released this information to the
media before there can be a more thorough analysis. We have been working hard to manage the facts in this case and avoid the public hysteria we've seen on display in Michigan and Virginia. Openly reporting a third
potential victim not only undermines that effort but potentially does a
disservice to the American public.   We urge people to go about their daily
lives as we work to more thoroughly understand the two cases we have
confirmed as well as this or any other case that may be determined."

Not much more was immediately available about the florist, Ms. Jacobs.
State officials confirmed her death but not the circumstances surrounding
it, and told the Mail that she lived alone and did not have any family in
the city or state. She had retired from Forest Service work as a botanist
in 1995 and help to open Alvinia's Zinnias here in Pensacola in 1998.

Local resident Denise Halperin said, "Ms. Jacobs' store was the place to go for flowers. She always had a huge selection and a smile for us on prom
night and other special occasions, the line was out onto the street."



Senta Gina piesko en da fugileche Alvinia Jacobs esla endo curentaz futlaidough Solgimental   

Seattle Couple Found Dead;  Latest Deaths in "Foot Soldier" Killings Bring Toll to 5

New York Times --- A husband and wife who neighbors say "kept pretty much to themselves" were both found killed in their own backyard in the Kingsbury district in Seattle Washington yesterday.

Joseph and Patricia Lincoln were found buried headfirst in the plush rose garden of their townhouse. Mr. Lincoln did not show up for work on Wednesday and a co-worker stopped by the home after calls to the Lincoln residence and cellular phones were not answered.
The co-worker, who asked not to be identified, told authorities that "their feet were perfectly fine when I arrived, but after I went inside to call the police, I came back out here and their feet were all mangled."

Officials were swift to try and quell the growing public unease about these morbid, repeated killings, which began with the apparent murder of star baketball player Andre Plukentoff.  FBI section Chief Darwin Zupetz said that 45 more detectives were being added to the investigation.

"We are obviously dealing with a very sick person who is getting off on the publicity, the frenzy and all of the wacky theories being thrown around. We are going to get to you. The best minds in our criminal justice system are after you."

Chief Darwin Zupetz (FBI) advizihendalmach:  "We are going to get to you. The best minds in our criminal justice system are after you."
  Nineteen New Deaths Reported in Most Vicious "Foot Soldier" Case to Date

Thatcher, Nebraska (AP) --- Federal authorities here reported the first mass deaths attributed to the bizarre "foot soldier" murders in a news conference today.  Darwin Zupetz spoke in somber and determined tones as he announced the deaths of nineteen in the manner that has become frighteningly familiar since the first such case was publicized almost a month ago.

Thatcher wheat farmer Gordon Varm called local police on Tuesday afternoon upon finding 19 people buried head first up to their waists in his wheat field.  According to police, Varm reported that their legs were straight up"like some strange antennas" and that they were arrayed in his field "like two sets of duckpins back to back, one set without a headpin."  The "Varm Farm," as local residents refer to it, is an annual destination for
Halloween celebrants.  Varm is reportedly known for his spooky haunted
hayrides and corn field mazes, but this year, the macabre is real.

The identities of the victims were not immediately available, but it was
apparent that most of the residents of Thatcher were accounted for.  Police
are contacting neighboring towns and counties for missing persons reports.
It was not clear whether transmitters were present in the feet of the
victims or if the victims' feet were mutilated in any way, as has been the
case in other "Foot Soldier" incidents.

"Gordy is real shook up," his neighbor Candy Whitley. "He always just keeps to himself, and he just can't take this in.  We held a prayer meeting for Gordy at the churchhouse this afternoon.  Nobody can get this."

Upon questioning, authorities admitted their growing frustration with the
cases.  "We have no demands.  We have no one taking responsibility.  We do
not have a lot to go on here.But I promise that this bureau will not rest
until these sick sick perpetrators are brought to justice,"  said FBI
Section Chief Darwin Zupetz.

Custovosary Gordon Varm w.v.n "Gordy" esplinanko en fuskad didrum.  
  Chief Darwin Zupetz (FBI) advizihendalmach:..  "I promise that this bureau will not rest until these sick sick perpetrators are brought to justice,"





















































































































































































































































































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