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   i'll be posting these little raw videos here as i work on this "album" that's coming along-- hope you get a kick out of 'em - this is all "live" with no overdubs - i'm using a countryman microphone that's barely visible -- yeah --i'm finally learning how to play drums
 i've always been really fond of this tune "yard of blonde girls". i first heard it while working on the inger lorre's "transcendental medication" lp (an album i produced, that had already had some tracks completed by inger & jeff buckley -prior to his death - yard of blonde girls being one of them)  love that version -

as part of the swag from  working on the inger lp someone gave me a copy  of  jeff buckley's  "sketches for my sweetheart the drunk" which seldom  left my cd player -for years  --

 love that version too--

what a great song  

& then there's that song "morning theft"





















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