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  Carnal Sleep
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Written by Jay Wasco
Copyright 2004
From the  Johnny Skilsaw 
"Blood Lead"LP
All Instruments & vocals by JW
Recorded at 164 east 37th street NYC circa 1998










Carnal Sleep


The empty room

The burning decoration
Ashes that blow
Ashes that blow across the hardwood  floors

Ashes in flight

Don't make good decorations
Dust in my eye
Sand in my mind

Stand in my mind


The carnal sleep
Lies waiting for an answer
And when she falls

And when she falls There'll  be a multitude of things to do

There'll be a multitude of things to do
Things we can do to you

And in her sleep

She cried out for no
But yo, he wasn't listening
No his own agenda
No had a crowded dance card all his own


And I think you should know ‘bout the tears in my hands and The holes in my walls

And I wish you could feel but you don't know the deal 'bout the heartbreak you’ve caused

And I wish you to feel every cold draft of air

 through your hollow inside


copyright 2004 Jay Wasco
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Carnal Sleep (single)
Blood Lead (Full LP)
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