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  The Corpse That You Are
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   Written by Jay Wasco  
Copyright 2004
Fom the Johnny Skilsaw

"Blood Lead"LP

All Instruments & vocals by JW
Recorded at Hermit Village  -& East 37th street, NYC circa 1994-98


















The Corpse That You Are


I open the cellar door
And I see you lying there perfectly still
And I see you lying there
Perfectly still
Perfectly still

I rush to your shallow side

and I see your milky eyes
Looking away
Pupils so open wide
I'm sure you can see every word that I say

Oh don't you worry now

We won't let you fall
Humbled to high exalt
Exalted to fall to the chaos that grows
It's OK it's not your fault
But I reckon I'll never let go

Cause after we prop you up

And we put a lit cigarette in your mouth
Everyone gets a turn
Dancing a jig with the corpse that you are

Oh don't you worry now

We won't let you fall


Would you like some flowers now

Can we light some candles and watch them burn out?
Whatever the time allows
While put my cigarettes out in your mouth
Oh, donít you worry now

We won't let you fall



Copyright 2004  Jay Wasco




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The Corpse That You Are  (single)
Blood Lead (Full LP)
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