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johnny skilsaw johnny skilsaw "classical" shit
"stuffed & motorized" blood lead mozart k563 divermento trio
something bad big bad bounce colonial homos on horseback
fat man lead divingbordus maximus
    death of a cynic industry swine king hell piano bummer
    swollen ocean midnight hanged man mentalson
    lockjaw carnal sleep monster death requiem
    bottle mrs. mercury concert for two pianos
    all the impossible sardonia carmel (strings)  
    i am the walrus deep dark red carmel (guitar)
    midnight dragon the corpse that you are captain barzono
    a cornucopia of pain the dog named no captain barzono (early years)
    intro   alcohol fire
        bach violin concerto
      the flying shelsons frankenberry mother fucker
    egotar ep 100% pure sickness frankenberry outro
    rocket man the best day i ever had kinsey 10% string experiment
    something talk of america don't feed these animals
    attics of my life 111-1111 carnal sleep (orchestral)
    my one and only love the execution of mr. met kickboxing advert scum
      law office heartless children of the planetarium god
      basketball fan jim dose a swan dive
live mp3s  (video here) trinchka ny skyline 4am
lead   untitled waltz
shining on you the flying shelsons the farm
gumbyland the diving board     
  the best day i ever had  
  the diving board  
  cream the milkman  
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